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本文摘要:Huawei, the Chinese telecoms company, has been given the all-clear over fears it may compromise UK national security.针对华为(Huawei)否有可能伤害英国国家安全性的忧虑,这家中国电信设备制造商如今早已取得了“几乎身体健康通报”。

Huawei, the Chinese telecoms company, has been given the all-clear over fears it may compromise UK national security.针对华为(Huawei)否有可能伤害英国国家安全性的忧虑,这家中国电信设备制造商如今早已取得了“几乎身体健康通报”。Risks from using equipment provided by the company have been “sufficiently mitigated”, according to the first report into the operation that vets its technology in the UK.针对华为在英国供应的技术,首份审查评估报告称之为,用于该公司所获取的设备的风险已被“充份减轻”。Huawei is one of the UK’s largest providers of telecoms equipment, with deals in place to provide critical national infrastructure as well as the technology behind services from companies such as BT, EE, Virgin Media, O2 and Sky.华为是英国仅次于的电信设备供应商之一,按照早已签订的协议获取关键的国家基础设施,也向英国电信运营商,如英国电信(BT)、EE、维珍媒体(Virgin Media)、O2和Sky,获取技术设备。However, concerns have been raised in countries such as the US and Australia about potential links to the Chinese government and the People’s Liberation Army in spite of strong denials from the group.不过,在美国和澳大利亚等国家,有人对于华为与中国政府和解放军的潜在联系明确提出了担忧,尽管该集团反感坚称不存在这种联系。

A cyber security evaluation centre in Banbury was established in 2010 by Huawei to take apart the physical equipment and software used in the UK to mitigate risks to national security.2010年,华为在英国班伯里(Banbury)创建了一个网络安全评估中心,负责管理分解成并剖析在英国用于的硬件设备和软件,以减轻对国家安全性包含的风险。In the report for the national security adviser, the centre’s oversight board said the “technical assurance” provided by Banbury was of “sufficient scope and quality to meet its obligations”.该中心的监督委员会在递交国家安全性顾问的报告中回应,班伯里获取的“技术确保”具备“充足的涵括范围和质量,不足以遵守其义务”。Huawei has also pledged further funds to expand the centre.华为还允诺获取更加多资金以不断扩大这个中心。

A management audit by Ernst Young showed the centre was sufficiently independent from Huawei, which will address concerns about the centre and its staff being fully funded by the Chinese group.安永会计师事务所(Ernst Young)的一项管理审核表明,该中心早已充足独立国家于华为公司,这将消弭有关该中心及其工作人员几乎由这家中资集团资助的忧虑。Three concerns were identified by the report, although these were rated as “low risk”. They included difficulties in recruiting staff owing to a lack of cyber security skills as well as the reluctance of potential new recruits to complete security clearance.报告明确提出了三项注目,尽管它们都被选为“较低风险”。它们还包括:缺少网络安全技能所造成的聘用艰难,以及潜在的新聘人员不愿拒绝接受安全性审查。

Ernst Young found some staff working at the centre without developed vetting clearance — the most comprehensive type of security vetting — although this has now been reduced to just two.安永找到,在该中心工作的一些工作人员仍未通过“高度审查”(developed vetting,全称DV),即最全面的安全性审查,尽管其人数已增至两人。The report also found “tensions” between teams working in the centre and the Huawei response team in Shenzhen, but decided they did not have a “detrimental effect on the security of the UK networks”.报告还找到,在班伯里中心工作的团队和华为在深圳的号召小组之间关系“紧绷”,但得出结论指出,这未“对英国网络安全导致有利影响”。Senior government representatives visited Huawei in Shenzhen in January 2015, according to the report, when the company provided further reassurances.报告称之为,英国政府高级代表2015年1月在深圳探访了华为,当时该公司获取了更进一步的确保。David Pollington, former Microsoft cyber security expert, has been lined up to replace retiring chief Andy Hopkins at the Banbury centre.微软公司(Microsoft)前网络安全专家戴维波林顿(David Pollington)已被任命为班伯里中心的下一任负责人,接任将要卸任的首席安迪霍普金斯(Andy Hopkins)。

Huawei has also sought to alleviate concerns over corporate governance with the appointment of former BP chief executive Lord Browne to head a UK board of directors to oversee British operations.华为还任命英国石油(BP)前首席执行官布朗勋爵(Lord Browne)接掌一个英国董事会,由其监督在英业务,借此减低有关公司管理的忧虑。In a statement, Huawei said it was “pleased to be playing its part in providing reassurance to its UK customers of the quality of our products and solutions”.华为在一份声明中回应,该公司“很高兴需要充分发挥自己的起到,就本公司产品和解决方案的质量向英国客户获取确保”。